• Mark Butcher

    Curriculum Superintendent

Mark Butcher

Curriculum Superintendent of NAIS

Former Principal of Canadian High Schools

Former Principal of Sino-Canada International School (Suzhou) 

Dedicated to education for 50 years, as Principal for 32 years, with 18 years on Principals of International Schools in China. With this experience he understands the characteristics of the Chinese students and their needs for studying abroad.

Comprehensively understands the management and the execution of international school; good at integrating Chinese and foreign staff.

Letter from Mark Butcher

Welcome to North America International School.  Although we are a new school, with a new campus that has world class facilities, our strength comes from our staff who are committed educators with many years experience in operating and functioning in the international school environment in China.

Our students are our greatest resource. They have one chance at a high school education and we aim to make that the most meaningful and successful milestone of their educational experience. High standards and expectations for each student regarding academic performance, co-curricular participation, and responsible citizenship are the foundation of our school. We are committed to preparing our students in the best possible way for meeting the needs of working and living in a global society. It is equally important that at the same time they retain their Chinese identity and glory in their own culture.

By using the American curriculum, it is our commitment to students and parents, that we will provide the best of the Western educational systems blended with the values and rich cultural heritage of China.  This is what makes North America International School the perfect choice for the Chinese student who wants to study abroad. They will be prepared to study and work in a global society but retain their Chinese heart.

Our philosophy will prepare our students for a world where the only people who have the knowledge and skills to negotiate constant change and reinvent themselves for new situations will succeed. The “three Rs” (reading, writing, and arithmetic) simply are not enough. If today’s students want to compete in this global society, however, they must also be proficient communicators, creators, critical thinkers, and collaborators.  It is our mission to produce such graduates that will not only contribute to society but will have a full and meaningful life.

We invite you to join North America International School, Your Bright Future stars here!