Academic Affairs Office

About Our Academics Management:

  Two Integrated Standards:

Chinese Standard + Common Core State Standards + AP

Chinese Standard + IGCSE + A-Level

One Teaching Concept

三. Academic Management子目录1.Academic Management内容.png


One School Platform

The School Pal integrated system runs through all aspects of students' study in School, including task arrangement, homework submission, attendance management, dynamic performance, teacher evaluation, etc., realizing real-time information sharing among teachers, students and families, and achieving visualization of campus life.


Curriculum Integration

IGCSE Foundation, as a transition stage of high school preparation, combines with local Shanghai curriculum to strengthen students' english ability, consolidate the foundation of physics and chemistry, and lay asolid foundation for high school study. High school students can choose different courses according to their future academic planning: American highschool courses +AP or British IGCSE+ A-level courses, and learn Chinese culture courses simultaneously.

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Differentiated Instruction

1. Data-Driven Multi-Level Teaching

MAP test system help guide the reasonable division of classes, adjust suitable textbooks according to different students' language levels.

2. Personalized teaching during class

Personalized teaching materials are allocated according to the dynamic performance of students, and the Achieve Reading platform is used to realize more targeted teaching models for students of different levels in the class.

3. Individualized Courses

According to the level and difficulty of the subject, students should set the ladder and choose different levels of (e.g., Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2).

4. Independent course selection

After completing basic studies, students can choose courses according to their own needs. They can take advanced courses or even challenge AP courses.

5. Small class teaching

Small classes (such as AP courses) or even one-on-one guidance are offered to students.


Practical Exploration

Project based learning concept encourages students to learn through self-exploration.

At the beginning of each school year, teachers of all subjects formulate the teaching syllabus, divide the teaching plan into sever alunits and then prepare the weekly teaching plan. In this process, the implementation plan of interdisciplinary cooperation teaching is defined, supplemented by field activities outside the school to supplement and deepen the project content.

Each semester, the subject teacher should prepare 2-3 project design plans.


Diverse Evaluation

● The overall evaluation system includes four parts:the main course evaluation system, Achieve Reading evaluation system, the elective course evaluation system and the evaluation of the code of conduct.

●Academic evaluation is based on multiple evaluations such as daily classroom performance, homework, quizzes and examinations. 

●Different subjects can make corresponding adjustments according to their own attributes on the basis of the above evaluation system.

● ClassDoJo helps evaluate students overall behaviors.



The American authoritative intelligent Academic assessment system is a web-based computer adaptive test similar to the GMAT. The results of the MAP test are recognized by international schools around the world


Research and development of Evaluation Association (NWEA) is the largest educational Evaluation institution in the United States and a global non-profit educational service institution. NWEA has more than 40 years of assessment experience in elementary and high school, is highly recognized by the American association for school assessment and accreditation, and collaborates with 100 university research institutes, including Yale university, Massachusetts institute of technology and Columbia University, and the U.S. state department.


ACHIEVE3000 is the leader of American online literacy courses used by millions of students worldwide to help students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills based on toefl while preparing for the MAP and other standardized tests. It provides the whole process of differentiated reading learning help from English reading proficiency test, customized reading content push, test and reading depth expansion, adjusting difficulty coefficient accordingly to dynamically adjusting reading content push. Its content covers geography, history, news, technology, entertainment, sports, biology, characters and so on.


ClassDojo is the advanced class management tool for teachers and parents of students set up a real-time communication platform, the teacher through photo video real-time sharing, help parents see anytime and anywhere to students in classroom learning activities and growth and so on various aspects of performance, but also can guide the parents in the home to children the right guidance, to strengthen they learned in school.

Language Training Center

Lunguage Training Center


Weak English foundation, how to improve it?

How to prepare for the exam and choose a school to overcome language difficulties?

How to improve your scores and capabilities?


Lunguage Training opened

TOEFL Course

International school preparation courses

TOEFL courses


How is the Nome Language Center different?

Seamless multi-level curriculum system

Different courses for different learning groups

Full implementation of graded teaching

Simultaneous improvement of language skills and standardized tests



About our star team?

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What is the core of the TOEFL test center?

TOEFL Junior, as an English proficiency test, is mainly divided into three parts: listening, grammatical form and meaning, and reading. It comprehensively examines the students' English proficiency level. This course plan is oriented to the TOEFL Junior test. Based on the individual characteristics of the TOEFL Junior test, the rules of the questions are refined to help students preparing for the TOEFL Junior test to improve their ability to take the test. In terms of mastering the basic test-taking abilities, students should improve their overall language skills through vocabulary, reading, listening, grammar, etc. and improve their comprehensive English literacy.




Who are our courses suitable for?

11-15 years old (grades 5-8)

Students who want to go to the United States to attend high school or improve their English


What are the advantages of our courses?

1)TOEFL reading section

Combined with Achieve Reading's original reading, multi-dimensional opening of students' reading perspectives, while improving the ability to read and solve problems, improve English vocabulary writing skills.

2)TOEFL Grammar

Using the Cambridge series Grammar in Use, combined with test sites, comprehensively help students use grammar in language learning.

3)TOEFL listening part

Integrate vocabulary and listening background knowledge into listening teaching, and combine listening strategies and skills to focus more on listening points and improve listening level.




What does our lesson bring to children?

12-01.jpgThrough the TOEFL Junior course promotion, students can:

1. Skilled use of various English practice materials


2. Incorporate interactive classroom learning through examples


3. Practice grammar and vocabulary in real context


4. Develop the habit of independent learning


5. Self-improvement through teacher feedback in English learning




TOEFL Admissions Class

TOEFL Junior Basic Course

Group-oriented: For candidates who have not taken the TOEFL Junior exam and are expected to take the exam within six months

Class setting:

Excellent class for 3-5 people

Small group of 6-12 people

Enrollment plan:

Elite class / Small class, two classes each


TOEFL Junior Intensive Course

Group-oriented: Professionally targeted at the TOEFL Junior test, with a score of 750+, ready to increase to 850+ within 3 months

Excellent class for 3-5 people

Small group of 6-12 people

Enrollment plan:

Elite class / small class intensive class



TOEFL Course




TOEFL Charge



Start time

TOEFL Junior Basic Course, TOEFL Junior Intensive Course

Saturday / Sunday classes are free to choose:

12 / 14—4 / 11 Saturday (8: 00-11: 00) or (13: 00-16: 00)

12 / 15-4 / 12 Sunday shift (8: 00-11: 00) or (13: 00-16: 00)


TOEFL start benefits

Discounts for joining the group ladder (group of 4 people):

4-5 people successfully joined together, enjoy 10% discount

5-8 people successfully joined the group, enjoy a 12% discount

Group of 8 or more successfully, enjoy 15% discount


Recommended for new and old students:

Old students recommend new students to apply for a small class of 6-12 people, new and old students enjoy 10% discount each


* The above benefits are applicable to fine classes / small classes.



Registration method & time

Registration Tel: 021-3223-1766


Deadline for registration: 17:00 on December 12th, course study planning form will be issued after registration

Pay attention to the public account and reply to “Little TOEFL” to make an appointment!


Student Affairs Office

As the cradle of international talents, NAIS pays great attention to the importance of moral education for students' growth and development. Adhere to the "world vision, Chinese feelings, characteristics of The Times" as the work philosophy of middle school students, to discipline management, promote teaching, moral education three levels as the specific work objectives, closely around the "aim high, down-to-earth" school motto, innovation education carrier, do solid work.


The most basic level of education work is discipline management, catch attendance, deal with students violation of discipline and emergencies, and strive to create a stable learning environment conducive to the growth of students. The overall highlight of students' work is mainly around six sections, which accurately correspond to the work objectives of promoting teaching and moral education.

 1. All kinds of lectures help build life goals

   2. Thematic education shapes moral character

   3. The construction of study style helps students academics development

   4. Optimize personality with mental health education

   5. Cultural activities broaden students' horizons

   6. Volunteer activities enrich education activities


The work content that promotes teaching includes student office and head teacher to catch ban feng, study style, talk heart to heart with the student, the home school is contacted wait for a method to help student to improve study result, lay a foundation for moral education.


In order to better carry out moral education teaching, nuomei school carries out various lectures, learning exchanges, cultural development and other contents from various aspects to help children establish positive and correct life goals, improve their interest in learning, improve their academic performance and enhance their ability training.


All kinds of lectures build life goals

The school organizes all kinds of scientific knowledge forums, invites lectures from overseas colleges and universities, organizes exhibitions of well-known overseas colleges and universities, etc., to help students establish long-term life goals and build up the learning motivation.


The construction of study style helps students academics development 

We’ve revised the student handbook based on the actual situation of the school and the management methods of world leading high schools. Exchange learning methods and skills through class meeting activities.


Cultural activities broaden students' horizons

Students reading day, new & old student team building, New Year Concert, Mid-Autumn festival, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Drama Show, English week, Arbor Day, Sports Match and other activities, enhance student cohesion, promote students comprehensive development.


Before carrying out deeper moral education, high quality teaching activities are important to promote students' learning enthusiasm and cultivate their independent thinking ability. Diversified cultural activities, academic lectures, and information exchange can help students improve their sense of teamwork, enhance cohesion, and help develop the concept of whole-person education.

Student Activity Center

01Taking campus activities as a comprehensive training classroom, student-led, teacher-teaching, and comprehensively cultivating students' comprehensive ability


02With community activities as a personalized development classroom, there are as many as 40 different community projects covering academic research, humanities, art, sports and more:

Fencing, photography, baking, band, film appreciation, micro-campus, table tennis, women's fitness, badminton, model UN

Science, chess clubs, campus newspapers, boys and girls cheerleaders, French, debate, taekwondo, baseball, music, stage games, self-study, basketball, stage performances, football, American movies, volunteers, manual DIY, Frisbee, shoe loops, Spanish, fine arts, university admissions, school magazines, Chinese debates, traditional Chinese handicrafts, athletics, programming, history, dance, gardening, self-management, models, German-speaking world, Chinese history, Taekwondo...


03With the student union organization as the team development platform, the students self-manage, play mutual assistance and supervision in the study and life of the student group, and achieve common growth and progress.

College Counseling

1.Close contacts and cooperation with universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc., a considerable number of universities directly sign the admissions agreement; at least about 100 universities are invited to visit the university every year.

We have cooperated with several domestic study aid service organizations for several years and introduced various international competition projects for a long time to improve the application efficiency and success rate.


2.Preschool training program: Starting from the ninth grade, through three- to four-year study abroad planning, we pay attention to the elite development of all aspects of students.


3.From the 9th grade to the 12th grade, the instructor will go on a one-on-one basis with the students to learn about the intention to study abroad and make a personalized study abroad program. At the same time, establish a personal follow-up file for students, and regularly pass WeChat, telephone, and interview. Ways, keep close contact with parents, and provide students with the latest relevant overseas college information based on their intentions and majors to help students apply for their ideal university.


Our Graduates

Admission to North America International school

  Our school student Zhang Tianyun has received offer from SUNY University at Buffalo


Our school student Wei Yuwei has received offer from The University of Iowa!

魏雨薇 模糊4.jpg

Our school student Liu Yiwei has received offers from Simon Fraser University and Oregon State University

刘毅伟 加拿大西蒙弗雷泽大学.jpg

刘毅伟 俄勒冈州立大学.jpg