Core Curriculum

 IGCSE Foundation  Course
ChineseLanguage Arts(Chinese), Chinese LiteratureScienceSTEM Curriculum, Physics, Natural Science, Information Technology (IT)
EnglishLanguage Arts(English), English LiteratureArtMusic, Fine Arts, PE, Drama
MathematicsAlgebra, GeometricSelectiveSoccer, Table Tennis, Board Games, Chorus, Basketball, Badminton, Dance, Multimedia Design, Fence, Model United Nations(MUN)
HumanitiesHistory of China, Geography of China, Moral character
American High School Curriculum+AP Course
Chinese CoursesChinese, Geography, History, Politics, Chinese CultureEnglishEnglish Literature, English speech, Writing (English), ESL
MathematicsGeometric, Algebra, CalculusSociologyHistory of the United States, World History, Economic, Geography, Psychology, Government Policy
IT-Science /ITNatural sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, ITArtMusic, PE, Fine Arts, Drama
Extra CurriculumPE, Art, Humanities, Linguistic, Social Services
  • 01

    Natural science

    Understand the natural world, improve observation ability, problem solving ability, and cultivate critical thinking.

  • 02

    Social Sciences

    Social sciences take human economic activities, political activities, spiritual and cultural activities and other social phenomena as the object of study, and understand the laws of human social development.

  • 03

    Chinese Curriculum

    Retain the discipline of domestic language, politics, geography and history, promote Chinese culture and cultivate Chinese feelings.

  • 04


    the theoretical system of human beings, it explores the existence, essence, value, belief, emotion, psychology and ideal morality of human beings.

  • 05

    trengthening the TOEFL course in English

    Improve the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, and provide targeted learning for TOEFL to help students achieve their overseas university admission requirements.

  • 06

    Social practice

    50 hours, enhance comprehensive ability and cultivate social responsibility.

Extra Curriculum

  • Sports

    Basketball, volleyball, football, fencing, table tennis, badminton, track and field, chess, baseball.

  • Literary and artistic activities

    Music, dance, drama, photography, computer art drawing, microfilm.

  • Cultural class

    Chinese and western festivals: Mid Autumn Festival, national day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, new year's day, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival.

  • Sociological class

    Simulation of the United Nations global issue Alliance

  • Language class

    Debate, reading, publication

  • Community service

    Migrant workers school English teaching, orphanage / homes for the elderly, donations for schools in the affected areas

College counselling

Well Prepared for Overseas Study

With the American High School Diploma and transcripts, our graduates can apply the universities of all English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. After completing the US curriculum at our school, the students will be well-prepared in all aspects, including English skills, study skills,world culture awareness, communication skills, critical thinking, and self-management to have a smooth transition to overseas study.

Rich Resources of Foreign Universities  
The school has built close relationship with many foreign universities in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and has signed recruitment agreement with some of the universities.

Smooth Transition to Overseas Study

English Skills:In English learning environment, the students can develop their English skills to an extent to communicate in English as a native speaker, laying a solid foundation for overseas university study.
Learning Skills: In the US curriculum study, the students will be adapted to a different way of learning, like group study, discussion and presentation, doing research, thinking critically, and inquiry-based learning. Thus the students will develop their English skills, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, laying foundation for their university study.
World Culture Awareness:The American curriculum can help students understand the history, culture and social situations of the western world. Being together with foreign teachers all the time is also of great help for students to have the different cultural awareness.

Personalized Pathway to Top Universities

Our College Counseling Center, with experienced teachers,offers college counseling services, including college counseling, learning plans, university application, visa application, organization and management of exchange programs and winter/summer camp programs. Specifically:
1.Talk with students to establish a personal portfolio, and make planning for students’ preparation for overseas study.
2.World famous high school and university tour activities
3.Face-to-face with admission officers of foreign universities
4.Guidance on university application process and requirements
5.Guidance on how to prepare university application materials
6.Advice on interview skills
7.Guidance on visa application
8.Guidance on travelling abroad preparation & life skill