Food safety is always the first priority in NAIS




A few days ago, we were shocked to hear that a school cafeteria in Pudong had food safety problems. In NAIS, we provide food for all students, teachers and staffs. Ensuring food safety is always a top priority of the school.


NAIS Cafeteria Introduction

Since its establishment in 2017, the cafeteria of our school has been run by Shanghai Gufengnian Industrial CO, LTD (referred to as Gufengnian). All staff in the cafeteria hold health certificates within the valid period and the chef has a Shanghai food and beverage manager qualification certificate.




Although NAIS commissions Gufengnian to operate the cafeteria, NAIS has strict regulations, high standards and performs daily assessments.

Every day, fresh fruits and vegetables are distributed by the Gufengnian head office, and the frozen stock of meat must be used within 72 hours.

The cafeteria strictly restricts the outsourcing of semi-finished meat balls and meat mince, and all the ingredients are processed by cafeteria itself, and must be used within 24 hours.

In the breakfast, the buns, cakes and dumplings are made by the cafeteria.

Genetically modified oil and other condiments are not allowed.


The cafeteria uses high quality catering utensils.

Strictly following six- seconds cleaning and disinfection process.


Everyone can watch the kitchen of cafeteria through CCTV system.


The weekly menu is submitted to the school each Friday and is used for purchasing.The cafeteria is not allowed to adjust the menu.

Everyday, the nurse checks the receipt, the food ingredients, and the cooking process according to the menu.

Every Friday, school will check the refrigerator, the inventory of fruits and vegetables, and inspect for cleanliness.

The NAIS supervision group consisting of the principal, administration office, nurse and students inspect the cafeteria two or three times per month. 

The parent committee is welcomed to inspect the cafeteria.

NAIS Daily Meal Photos

fresh vegetables


dumplings, tarts, bread and dessert in the breakfast


NAIS cafeteria supplies breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the students and teachers. Every meal has a variety of choices including fruits and desserts.



 the safety is always a top priority of 

school management. 

Your bright future starts here!

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