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NAIS is dedicated to cultivating each student to be a healthy, sophisticated, and responsible global citizens with a Chinese heart and a world vision. Thus, moral education plays a great role in the education.


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North America International School

Nov.8th, 2018

Moral Educationinsists on Morality

It is generally known that moral education is an important part of quality-oriented education. Moral education is a systematic project, involving all aspects of schools, families and social education, which needs the deep cooperation of schools, families, society and students themselves.

The teachers play a great role in moral education. They are the tutors of our students and have the responsibilities to help them grow in the right direction. Their thoughts and moral standard will directly impact on students. In NAIS, all the teachers have a training or meeting about moral education each week.


Pay attention to details

The goal of moral education is to enable students to cultivate their views of world, values and life. In the aspect of learning, for example, each class organized the meeting about honesty test during the early study. All the students had a discussion and expressed their ideas of how to be honest.

In the aspect of daily life in school, recently each class organized safety education. For example, in the classroom, do not chase others, do not put your head out of window, and pay more attention when you close the doors etc. Details determine success or failure. Moral education runs through everywhere.



Moral Education pay attention to students' physical and mental health

Quality-oriented education requires school to pay attention to student’s physical and mental health. NAIS has the international courses, which have an international teaching team and international teaching method. Some students cannot adapt to this learning style. Therefore, it is the responsibility of NAIS to help student adapt to school life as soon as possible.


Take a middle school student using electronic reasonably as an example, our students come from the local learning system and most of them do not use modern electronics for studying. But it is totally different in western education system where students use electronics. How frequently do we guide the students to use modern equipment reasonably? After a thorough study, our teachers gave multiple options to students and parents and solved the student management problem and avoided students indulging in electronics.

NAIS hopes that every student can be upright, kind, humble, impartial, positive, diligent, independent, innovative, responsible and patriotic.


NAIS will stick to quality-oriented education to cultivate more excellent graduates.

Your bright future starts here!

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