Safety Education of NAIS


In order to enhance the fire safety awareness, the whole school staff and students of NAIS held a firefighting training practice in the school field on Nov.21st. The purpose ofthe training is to help teachers and students master the basic knowledge offire safety and how to use fire extinguishers correctly.





Fire service instructors taught students how to use the fire extinguisher step by step, and teach them to be clam to deal with the emergencies.





The firefighting training practice helped the teachers and students to have a better sense of fire safety, and improved their ability and skills to face fire emergencies to protect their lives and reduce losses.

Tip:Safety can rehearse, life cannot! Master fire prevention knowledge,keep away from fire!

The Fire Prevention rules in NAIS

It is prohibited to connect the power supply in the bedroom and classroom, over loading electrical appliances are not allowed to be used.

It is prohibited to use high-power electrical appliances in the dormitory; when no one is in the room, the power switch of the electrical appliances should be turned off and the plug should be unplugged.

It is prohibited to use open flames near laboratory equipment warehouse areas.

It is prohibited to carry flammable and explosive materials in school.

It is prohibited to remove or destroy fire-fighting equipment, keep the safe passageway unlocked.

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