How to apply for top 10 universities in USA


★ Taking part in competition can contribute to apply for top 10 universities in USA.

A Business Simulation has been created in an effort to help the aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow grasp a better logistical and strategic understanding of how to run a business. During the simulation students will be actively involved in creating and deciding on every aspect of their business from the company culture to the production needs. A Business Simulation was successfully held in NAIS on December 1 and 2. Our school had 5 companies composed of students from grade 9,10, and 11. 




There were two days of intense competition, from the design of the company’s commodity concept, pricing, sales, auction of raw materials, to the road show that attracting angel investors, all the company’s designs and related speechs, were completed by students. 


After the Business Simulation, a team of grade 11 students won the Brand Award. Three companies from NAIS successfully entered the All-Star Invitational Competition in February next year. Wish our students have a good performance in All-Star In vitational Competition scheduled for February next year. We wish our students good luck!


Parents will may have questions, what is the status of competition in students’ future application? Is every student required to take part in the competition? Is it necessary to get a good place in the competition? What about poor rankings? If the competition is not international, does student need to prove it when he/she applies for universities?


NAIS students won the Volunteer Award

In fact, the contest can be divided into two aspects. The first is that this contest is well-known. If you get a good ranking in a contest, regardless of the level of the contest, you can consider including them in your applieation. Of course, you need to make detailed selection according to the level of the contest at the end. Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, Princeton Physics Unlimited Premier Competition, British Physics Olympiad, and Business Simulation, have all been held by NAIS and all are world-renowned contests. The other aspect is that many parents and students are concerned about what to do with the poor ranking of the contest. In fact, these contests are designed to encourage students to participate, because these contests are an extension of students’ interests and hobbies. Furthermore, they can be regarded as high-quality activities that show the development of students in all aspects. These types of actiuities help to build student portfolios for college applications.


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