Parent-Teacher Conference of NAIS



On the afternoon of November 30, North America International School organized a parents’ meeting with all teachers. In order to further enhance the communication between parents and school, promote the education and teaching work to reach a consensus and form a joint education.

Parents' meeting



The meeting was chaired by Evelyn Wang and Eric Zhou from sixth grade. First, President Zhong and Ms. Fan represented the school and expressed their warmest welcome to the parents. Principal Zhong introduced and analyzed the previous work of NAIS. Ms. Fan delivered abrilliant speech-embracing the future. She analyzed the internationalization opportunities in China today and the skills needed for future talents. Then, President Popp gave a detailed analysis of the results of the MAP test and the GPA of the midterm exam. Subsequently, the responsible persons of the teaching department, the student department and the promotion and guidance office made detailed introduction and Analysis on the current teaching measures, moral education work and University applying. In addition, we also invited Professor Li, an expert in psychological education, to talk about the personality and psychological characteristics of students and parents, and to provide some possible methods for children's education problems. After the meeting, the teachers and parents conducted face-to-face meetings.


Addressed by Principal Mr.Frank


Addressed by Operation Director Ms. Fan


Addressed by Academic Principal Mr. Popp


Speech by AAO Director Echo Tang


Speech by SAO Director Mary Xu


Speech by College Counseling Center Monica



 Parents's Family Education Experiences Sharing


Mental Health Lecture & Counseling

Learning Aspect


In combination with the MAP test and the previous GPA, some students have made progress in all areas. In addition, the test also reflects that students' English reading ability is relatively weak. As the main language used in our school, English is not only a course, but also a tool. English ability also directly affects the performance of other English-related subjects. In order to help our students better adapt to the English learning environment and keep up with the progress of the course, the school began to launch self-study extension plan and tutoring program from mid-September. At 8:30 to 9:20 in the evening, students can use this time for self-study. For students who are weak in autonomous learning ability or need extra help, the school also arranges teachers to use the daytime or night-study time to give guidance to the children. In addition, our international teachers also set up a student support group. The teachers will make referrals for students who need help. After collecting all information, the team members will make a strategic plan that takes info consideration the psychological factors of the student.


In addition to the teacher's initiative, we also hope that the students will drive the whole learning atmosphere from passive learning to active learning. The teaching department and the student union are planning a study group led by students. The student leaders of each subject will lead strugging students to learn together and make progress together. The school will also strengthen communication between subject teachers, homeroom teachers and students to discover and help students with problems in a timely manner. The homeroom teachers will encourage the students to find the corresponding teacher to seek help. According to the class progress, subject teachers can give help to strugging students. In this way, students can learn to communicate actively and recognize the importance of self-directed learning, which is also essential for university study.

Moral Education


The Student Handbook is the foundation of NAIS student management. The school strictly implements the provisions of the student handbook, and works hard on moral education. When in school, the management of the use of electronic products for students was strengthened, students were guided to use electronic products in an educational. Moreover, the school pays attention to the mental health of students and establishes a professional psychological counseling room.


Face-to-face communication

After the parents' meeting, the parents communicated with the teachers of various disciplines, focusing on the students' specific learning situation and classroom performance. Teachers' feedback mainly focused on the following points.





                             Glows                                                                                                                                                 Grows

They are generally well-behaved kids, the attendance is high.

Lack of initiative, most of them are very quiet inside the classroom.

During the lesson they are very attentive and they take notes without being told.

Their understanding of the English language is quite limited and so they struggle in following instructions.

They have great concern for their grades.

They must organize their time more effectively.

Most of them can submit their homework on time and they are able to get on assigned tasks well. 

Delaying or not handing in homework will result in low mark.


After being told about the child's learning situation, the parents said that the child has the responsibility to learn, they will continue to support the school and class, and will actively cooperate with the school to better educate the kid and make the kid grow up healthily.



The purpose of holding the parents' meeting is to combine the efforts of the school and parents into a joint force for education on the basis of understanding and communication, and to bring the greatest benefits of home-school education into play. The school sincerely appreciates the support and understanding of all parents. We welcome more comments, communication, and want to work together with parents for the growth and progress of our students. The school will also continue to work hard and optimize all aspects of teaching and campus life. We believe that with the joint efforts of parents and schools, all the teachers and students in NAIS will live up to expectations and work together to create a bright future!


Your bright future starts here!

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