Curriculum and assessment in NAIS



1. Curriculum

NAIS offers integrated Chinese and Western curriculum for middle school students, American High School curriculum, AP course and Chinese traditional culture courses for high school students. Students can not only absorb the essence of American education, but also continue to be influenced by Chinese traditional culture and knowledge. The overall curriculum can be divided into core courses and extended courses. Core courses include Chinese, English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Art and Sports, etc. The range of extended courses is wide and students can choose freely based on their interests. Systematic curriculum and scientific management aim at all-round training and tapping students' potential, cultivating students' comprehensive quality and Chinese and Western cultural literacy, and developing students' abilities of leadership, innovation, speculation, communication and collaboration.



2. Assessment of core courses


NAIS has a comprehensive evaluation system to explore and affirm students' strengths, so that students' personality and characteristics can be developed. For core courses, the evaluation method adopts the credit system plus GPA comprehensive evaluation, focusing on the combination of formative evaluation and summative evaluation. The credit of each subject is different, and there is a specific assessment weight of each content in the evaluation process.


NAIS has a maximum capacity of 25 students in each class, which ensures that teachers can give full attention to each student. In the classroom, interactive discussion between teachers and students, group discussion between students and other learning methods are often used to change students' passive acceptance of knowledge into active understanding of knowledge. In addition, lectures keynote speeches are supplemented to improve students' ability of summarizing, expressing and speaking.


3. Introduction to extended courses


Students can choose their preferred extended programs and activities according to their hobbies. All-round exercise is conducive to tapping the potential of students and cultivating the overall quality of students in order to better meet the challenges of the university.



Enriching diverse art courses and campus life can improve students' artistic accomplishment and appreciation ability. Colorful sport courses enable both boys and girls to find their favorite sports, which not only offers exercise, but also helps to foster perseverance character and teamwork spirit.



Community services allow students to go out from the campus into society. While devoting their love, students enhance their abilities, and cultivate a noble sense of social morality and responsibility.




4. Standardized-test courses


In addition to the core and extended courses described above, NAIS also offers TOEFL English courses and US AP courses. The TOEFL English course covers TOEFL Listening, TOEFL Speaking, TOEFL Reading and TOEFL Writing. The full name of the American AP course is Advanced Placement Program, which is a university-level course developed by the American College Board and offered at the senior high school level. Currently, the AP courses offered by NAIS include chemistry, computer science, music theory, calculus, and US history. AP courses enable high school students to get in touch with American university courses in advance. The credits obtained by students taking AP courses can be used as university credits, saving time and tuition fees.

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