Be careful of influenza prevention


The weather is cold in recent days and the number of influenza cases have risen all over the country. How to recognize influenza and to prevent it ? Here are some tips from NAIS’s clinic.

Scientific distinction between cold and seasonal influenza



Cold symptoms: hoarseness, stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, cough, sore throat and other respiratory symptoms.

Flu symptoms: sudden onset, high fever, body aches, fatigue, bronchial inflammation and other symptoms, including loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting etc.


How to prevent influenza?


Understand the Importance of Good Personal Hygiene, including:

1、The highest cost-effective prevention: wash your hands


Washing hands frequently is one of the simplest and most important measures to prevent the spread of influenza. Wash your hands after going home, after touching public goods, sneezing, touching your mouth, nose, eyes, before and after meals and after using the bathroom.


2、The most beneficial prevention:

Exercise and balanced nutrition; regular exercise, get enough rest, avoid fatigue; drink more water, eat light easy to digest and balanced meals. These good habits can enhance immunity and improve ability to resist the invasion of viruses.


3、The most direct prevention:

Influenza patients are the main source of infection. Some people in the family are infected with influenza, it is suggested to avoid crowded areas as possible. It is better to wear medical masks: those with respiratory symptoms should actively wear masks, especially in the public environment; healthy people should wear masks when entering high-density concentrated areas to prevent others from coughing and sneezing, avoid touching your face before washing your hands.


Stay away from flu and happy growth!

Your bright future starts here!

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