Study and play during Winter vocation


Winter vacation have already begun, isn't it very exciting?Maybe some of the students have planned to go out. It is believed that students who usually work hard and lack of sleep have such an idea: this vacation must be used to make up my insufficient sleep, and to enjoy movies and games that I normally do not have time to watch. Some fitness-loving buddies may be taking advantage of the holiday to fight against the growing fat!


Holiday relaxation should be appropriate, if you completely relax yourself, the previous studying work may be in vain. After a long vacation, a lot of knowledge is obscure and forgotten, which will give a negative impact on your learning. For this reason, regardless of personal holiday plans, the school would like to give three reminders to all students.

Reminder 1: Seize the opportunity to consolidate basic knowledge.

Campus study may be very tense, a long vacation provides everyone with an opportunity to review and sort out knowledge points. Students can review what they have learned in the recent period to provide a solid knowledge support for the later study. The specific method can be reading through the relevant content learned in this semester,and organizing and supplementing the recorded notes. As for homework, you can plan well to complete the assignments and redo the questions that have were missed. Then recall where you made mistakes and what you should pay attention to when you do it again in the future. In addition, reviewing the content can reduce the pressure of follow-up study.


Reminder 2: Learn and play moderately, and make study plans every day.

Don't think about learning when you play, and vice versa. It is recommended not to go out to play for a long time, otherwise it will be difficult to calm your mind. It's better to ensure a certain amount of study time every day and take part in some meaningful activities. In addition, after meals and before going to bed you can read several articles you like carefully, feel the author's intention, understand the writing method of the article, and put yourself into the article. This can purify the mind, and broaden the horizon improving your writing skills.


Reminder 3: Adjust your mindset and clarify your goals and direction

There must be a lot of emotions in a semester, and some students may have a period of psychological confusion. Therefore, you can use this holiday to adjust yourself and ask yourself: what kind of learning level I am at, where are my weaknesses, what level I want to achieve after a period of time, what kind of efforts I will make? You can make a detailed analysis of yourself. Only by calming down and finding your own goals, can reduce you stress level.


Finally, we wish you all a happy holiday! 

See you next semester!

Your bright future starts here!

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