ED Admission Rate of Top American Universities


In December of 2018, the admission work of ED (Early Decision) was completed by many America’s top universities. Today, we would like to share the admission information of this year.


Harvard University

Harvard University admitted 935 of 6,958 early applicants to join its Class of 2023, marking a 13.4% acceptance rate — and what is most likely the most competitive early admissions cycle in Harvard history. This year’s acceptance rate decreased slightly from last year’s rate of 14.5%.


Yale University

Yale University admitted 794 students out of a record 6,020 early action applicants to the class of 2023. The number of admitted students corresponds to a 13.19% acceptance rate — the lowest early applicant acceptance rate since 2013 and a significant drop from the 14.7% of students admitted last year through the early decision program. According to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, Jeremiah Quinlan, 56% of students who applied were deferred to the regular decision round of admissions, while 30% were denied admission and 2% were incomplete or were withdrawn.


Brown University

Brown University accepted 769 students out of 4,230 early applications for the class of 2023. Last year, Brown received 3,501 applications for early decision and accepted 738 applicants. Brown University's acceptance rate decreased as Brown accepted 18.18% to the class of 2023, 21% tothe class of 2022, 22% of early applicants to the classes of 2021 and 2020.


Princeton University

Princeton University has offered admission to 743 students from a pool of 5,335 candidates who applied through single-choiceearly decision for the Class of 2023. The admit rate was 13.9%, compared with 14.7% last year and 21.1% in 2011. Students admitted early to the Class of 2023 come from 36 countries and 49 states, in addition to the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Nearly 60% of students attend public schools, including charter schools. 51% are women and 49% are men. 15% are children of Princeton alumni. 


University of Pennsylvania

Penn admitted 1,279 students this year through earlydecision to the Class of 2023, just 18% ofthe applicant pool — the lowest acceptance rate to date. For the Class of 2022, Penn admitted 1,312 students,18.5%, of its early decision applicants, a significant decrease from the twoprior years, whose ED rates were 22% and 23.2% respectively. 


Duke University

This year, 4,852 students applied under Duke's Early Decision program, a record number and 19% more than last year. Students admitted through Early Decision this year will represent 51% of next fall’s incoming class of 1,720. This year’s admit rate for Early Decision was 18%,making it the most selective Early Decision process in Duke’s history. Of the 882 students offered admission, 714 will enroll in the Trinity College of Arts& Sciences and the remaining 168 will enroll in the Pratt School of Engineering. “We received 800 more Early Decision applicants this year,” Guttentag said, “That’s the largest one-year increase we’ve recorded. We were struck by the talents and accomplishments of so many of the students who applied this year, and had a difficult time choosing from among them.” 


University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame notified 7,334 Restrictive Early Actionapplicants on Friday, December 14, of their admission decisions. The University admitted 1,534 applicants to the Class of 2023 with impressive records of service and demonstrated leadership, to the Notre Dame family. In addition, the university increased admission of students from a variety of demographics. The number of admitted first-generation students is up 16% and the number of U.S. students of color has risen by 15% compared to last year. The number of Quest Bridge Scholars was doubled; 42 National College Match Scholars will enroll at Notre Dame.


The Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University has 2068 applicants this year, increased from the then-record number who applied early decision last year. Of the 641 admitted students, 32% plan to study in the Whiting School of Engineering and 68% plan to study in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.


Cornell University

This year,a total of 6,159 students applied under Cornell’s binding Early Decision program. Of these 6,159 applicants, 1,395 were offered admission. This marks an admission rate of 22.6% for Cornell’s Early Decision applicants. 24.3% of applicants received notices of deferral.


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