Outstanding Club Election



NAIS' first semester of the 2018-2019 school year is over, it is believed that every student at NAIS will not only get subject knowledge, but also improve skills or develop their own specialties during the semester. In order to enhance students' comprehension and enrich campus life, the school activity center is based on the principle of “student-led, teacher-directed, and school-supported”. At the end of the semester, depending on the club’s attendance, club order, and club contribution were selected, Outstanding Clubs are:



Anthony in 11th grade is the student leader of the music club. Under the leadership of Dr. Nikita and Ms. Mandy, Anthony is responsible for the conductor and  promoting the club plan. At the end of the semester, the school band and the Choir of the campus showed themselves in the concert, and the music club completed the school Christmas concert.



The baking club is a new club opened this semester. Our professional Baking teacher Ms.Wu is the advisor of this club. Since the opening of the baking club, it has been popular among students. The club has been well organized and seen an interesting number in participants. Students can experience the fun of cooking while learning, and they can understand that each field has its own hard work.



The experimental society is a society for conducting science experiments, and is managed by Ms. Joanna, our school. Science teacher, students have had a lot of experimental works, such as wooden sticks to form a stable bridge","chemistry experiment practice" and other multi-disciplinary experiments, students gradually understand the subject theory though experiments. 



The fitness club is led by Ms. Alina, the head of the PE team in our school, to conduct physical training. In addition to striving to learn subject knowledge, students also need personal fitness. At first, many students complained because of the high-intensity fitness exercise, however, after one month, the fitness club became one of the most enjoyable clubs of the week. After sweating, it seems that all the pressure has been released. 



The debate club is a comprehensive club that requires students to have strong logical thinking skills and a wealth of knowledge. Under the leadership of Ms.Joy, the student debate club did a very good job. This club has seem vast improvement and is enjoyable for all.



The News Letter is a club led by Dorian, an 11th grade student in our school. Under his leadership, members have their duties, including writing articles and taking photos of school activities, which has become an indispensable part of school. The News Letter club also created its own We Chat public account, recording the anecdotes of life at campus, sharing the wonderful times at NAIS!

Congratulations to these outstanding clubs, keep up in the new semester.


Your bright future starts here!

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