Winter Camp in Hong Kong



Winter vacation has ended silently. Some students seized the opportunity of winter vacation to consolidate their knowledge; some students arranged time to combine leisure with work; some students adjusted their minds and cleared up their goals; and some students took part in training.


Hong Kong Winter Camp Team

From February 10 to February 16, 9 students from Shanghai North America International School participated in a training at one of Hong Kong's famous universities. The training mainly visited The University of Hong Kong and conducted five-day course in finance and marketing at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Entering School Life

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology provided a variety of courses, including marketing courses, online marketing courses, related concepts and theory courses and so on.



Blair Yang:We learned about big data analysis, Bitcoin, block chains, financial knowledge, many economic terms, and real market case studies. My favorite course was marketing. I think it was very interesting to give a speech in groups with examples of successful marketing brands.


Michael Zhang:My favorite course was marketing. With the change of the market and the development of science and technology, we should know more about the changes and trends of the current market, and I am very interested in the development and changes of science and technology in some emerging markets. 


Be good for University Application

Know more classmates and expand communicative ability

Blair Yang:In this project, I met many excellent students. They are active, cheerful and helpful. There are many elite students in photography, editing, music, business and other fields. I learned a lot from them in these respects.


Michael Zhang:I learned manner from other students and their attitude towards learning.


◆ Feel the atmosphere and get in touch with university professors

Blair Yang:Campus was very beautiful. We could overlook the scenery of the mountain from the school's open-air restaurant. The peaceful campus environment set off their rigorous and efficient academic atmosphere. We also saw various interesting activities of campus associations in university, as well as the Hong Kong undergraduates who publicized these activities. All these gave us a deep impression. Professors at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology advocated that we should not take notes, but understand them. He used popular topics to introduce professional knowledge, and interacted kindly with everyone in class to help us understand efficiently.


Michael Zhang:I used to think there was a lot of scientific and technological research there, but I only saw ordinary teaching buildings and super canteens. Professors talked less, had more activities that spent more time. In class, more emphasis was placed on self-study to understand the market.


◆ Widely learning and set goals

Blair Yang:I think it was very helpful for me to take part in short-term university courses during my holidays in terms of my future professional choices. In the course of this vacation tour, we learned the relevant knowledge of economy and finance, which would be an introduction to the students who want to choose this major in the future. During the visits to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong, we appreciated the academic atmosphere of the world's top universities, which greatly shocked us. In addition, I determined the direction of my future struggle.


Michael Zhang:This study cleared up my goal of further education and increased my love for the marketing.


 Issue certificates and enhance competitiveness

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology provided students with high-gold certificates of graduation, which would increase their competitiveness in studying abroad in the future.



Entering Hong Kong Street

In addition to attending school courses, students used their spare time to visit many scenic spots in Hong Kong.


Blair Yang:After class, we went to some famous scenic spots in Hong Kong, such as Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City and the Peak of Taiping Mountain. What should not be neglected is the magnificent food in Hong Kong. Whether it's a roadside restaurant, a tea restaurant, a porridge shop or a dessert shop, or a popular shop hiding deep in the alley, there will never be a shortage of diners. Fish balls, tea and dessert, and large pans will always boil with soup. Hong Kong is also busy at night, with a steady stream of traffic, glittering neon lights, Cantonese, English and Mandarin interlaced in the sound of the streets. The color of Wong Kar-wai's movies is everywhere , which is probably the most attractive thing for me in Hong Kong.


Michael Zhang:Hong Kong is a very prosperous city, and the night scenery is quite good.


Darius He: This trip to HKUST greatly helped me to improve my personal ability. The students were very friendly. The atmosphere in the whole team was very good. Every day after school, we went to Mongkok Lane. There was real local food in Hong Kong. I made a micro film on the theme of delicious food. Of course, this was a must-do assignment.

There are various winter camp activities in NAIS, it is a good chance to improve students' vision and ability during winter vacation and they can learn more in person.

Your bright future starts here!

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