NAIS First Field Trip in Suzhou



White walls and black tiles, fresh and elegant; Antique, Jiangnan feelings. On this sunny day in May 2019, Shanghai North America International School, together with students and teachers, carried out an off-campus exploration activity of the year. In order to deepen students' understanding of traditional culture, the school chose Suzhou museum and humble administrator's garden as the study destination.


When it comes to these two distinctive Suzhou buildings, the Suzhou Museum is the most impressive. In viewing the Suzhou museum designed for China, we felt the charm of traditional art. Suzhou museum is the work of Mr. Lvming Bei, which retains the characteristics of Jiangnan gardens. It adopts the traditional white wall and black tile, but the expression is brand new.


At the same time, the beauty of the humble administrator's garden is another kind of beauty. A visit to the humble administrator's garden, with its varied scenery, is like a stroll in a poem or painting. Every pavilion here is a poem,every waterside pavilion is a painting, and every building is a perfect combination of literature and aesthetics.


At the end of the trip,  in order to let everyone get some relaxation. We went to the Huayi brothers film and television base.


With our understanding of Suzhou museum, the beautiful scenery of humble administrator's garden and the friendship between the students, we happily set out  back to school.