Application countdown-Parents' Meeting of Grade 11


On the afternoon of May 17th, North America International School held the parents'meeting of Grade 11 in Auditorium on the first floor of Learning Center. The aim of this meeting is to have parents plan with grade 11 students for the upcoming university application.


At the beginning of this parents' meeting, Ms. Fan, the CEO of our school,  Principal, Mr. Zhong and Mr.Popp, our Academic Principal welcomed the parents. They briefed the parents on the current situation of the school and recent school events. Mr. Popp also introduced the students’ study situation, and encouraged parents and students to exert more effort.


During the meeting, the College Counseling Office and the Academic Affairs Office worked together to clarify the current learning situation of students and the direction of their further study for parents. In terms of guidance for further education,Director Wang of College Counseling Office gave the timeline of each grade. She appealed to students to set their goals for further education as soon as possible. She encouraged them to have high standards and set strict requirements for themselves. Students need to have an efficient sense of time management. At the same time, Director Wang put forward: the process of hard work is as important as the result. In the final months of the application season,students must resist the pressure from all sides and do their best. It is suggested that parents, as the strong supporters of their children, encourage them to strive hard and at the same time, provide them with a warm and comfortable family environment. She also encouraged students to combine work and play, so they would have better conditions for entering the ideal university in their minds.


At the end of the meeting, Ms. Fan, as a mother of two boys, gave several suggestions to the parents of the students. The purpose of the parents' meeting is in time to summarize students' learning situation and make full preparations for the final effort. The combination of home and school can help children realize the first dream in their life.


We also had a by-monthly one-to-one dialogue to plan for every grade 11 student who will apply for university. We need to clear what needs to be done at this stage, set clear targets, parents and teachers work together to help our students,strive to be admitted to better schools.