Learn from the past, and plan for the future





Time flies, the semester is drawing to a close and summer vacation is coming. On the last Friday of June, our school held the closing ceremony the 2018-2019 school year.

Teachers who teach learning knowledge and accompany students to grow up have worked hard! You play the most important role in education. It is precisely because of your profession and love that our students will make more and more progress. Thank you all teachers for your hard work.


As Mr. Popp, the academic principal, said, "We have 80 young musicians and 10 drama actors. We have sweated 13 basketball matches, 3 badminton matches and 5 football matches. We have successfully completed four chemical experiments, completed thousands of words of papers..."


Dear students, you have exchanged your hard work and sweat throughout the school year for gratifying achievements in all subjects and fields. Congratulations!


In the whole year of study, in TOEFL breakthroughs, in the performance of progress, I believe you have a lot of experience to share with each other. Kevin, a high school student, shared his TOEFL breakthrough experience. Ricky, a middle school student, talked about the feeling that it took time and time to get a return.


54 days of summer vacation life, I hope you have a good rest, relaxation, reset, also do not forget to enrich yourselves, and protect yourselves. We are looking forward to the new semester and meet you all.