Here is a letter from the counselor


Dear Students:

With the intermittent rain in this special season washing away your gloomy or stimulating memory of the final exams, I hope you all spent the first week of your summer vacation in peace. The beginning of a long vacation could always be a luxury and every one of you deserves a leisure period to lavish your time in the way you want after a whole semester of hard work. In my case, however, I have to admit that in many years comes this the first summer in which I choose to work in office. Last week I spent several hours every day in the meeting room with my colleagues, listening and talking to some students and their parents from the 10th and 11th Grade. It is quite impressive to hear that most of them have already stuck a whole package of learning schedule into the next few weeks--test-orientated programs, summer schools abroad, essay writings, and coming tests with challenging goals. I feel so released that it is not necessary for me to ramble on any ideas and ways to drown yourself in reading and studying for the rest part of your vacation. Therefore, as your university and college counselor, I would just like to remind you of the following advices that might help to make you more competitive on future application.

For students entering Grade 9th, congratulations! You are finally a high school student. Your next step is to prepare yourself well enough in the coming four years for higher education. You may begin to take a browse at all the courses provided by our high school curriculum. GPA from the 9th grade will be counted into your final academic results during application, so get ready to make yourself confident to achieve in this new era of your life. Besides, you are advised to plan and schedule your social work and other extracurricular activities(ECAs).

For new Grade 10th students, I believe you have already get used to your high school life, and you have full notice on the importance of your GPA. You are advised to focus on TOEFL now and some improvement on your English level during this summer may help to achieve a satisfactory score in the coming semester. Continue with your ECAs and try to outline any competitive advantages in them. Students with certain TOEFL scores may also begin to try SAT test and AP courses. 

For fresh Grade 11th students, now prepare to enter the intense season! Many of you plan to take intensive test-orientated programs during this summer, and some will even participate in summer programs in addition. Make sure you will be fully devoted to all the activities you have chosen to take, both physically and mentally, so that all your efforts will be repaid completely and timely. Those who have access to our Bridge-U system are advised to use it regularly to get a broad browse and a thorough introduction to the subject areas and universities you are likely to apply.

Last but not least, our first graduates! This is the last summer vacation with NAIS, andmake it memorable! I know some of you have started with your essay writing and university selecting, while others are still striving for TOEFL or SAT, suffering with heavy pressure. Whatever you are doing, do it with all your heart. Whatever you hope to achieve, try your best and you will always achieve a better self in the next six months. Be authentic and be confident; make your own plan and stick to it. There will always be a place to fit you then. 



So here comes our summer, my dear students. No matter you choose to shower yourself with knowledge and experience, or seawater and sunshine, my colleagues and I will stay in our office preparing for all the work we will be faced at next semester, and wait for any of you who desires our counselling. Don’t hesitate to turn to us, and we wish you all a nice summer!