The summer program ended successfully


From July 3, 2019 to July 12, 2019, the 10-Day Summer Program of NAIS was successful concluded. The Summer Program is divided into intensive English und TOEFL courses to meet the needs of different groups of students.

Intensive English courses

Intensive English courses are for students who want to improve their English and prepare for international high school entrance exams. In the 10-day closed immersion courses, under the guidance of Chinese and foreign teachers' exploration and heuristic teaching concepts, students have strengthened their English foundation, rapidly expanded their vocabulary of relevant English words, consolidated their grammar knowledge, and comprehensively improved their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, laying a good foundation for the later courses and TOEFL test.


In the last two days of the course, students experienced the classroom atmosphere of Australian schools. Under the guidance of Australian teachers and teachers of NAIS, students have conducted topic discussion, topic research and topic elaboration. They have improved their practical English, and exploration and thinking ability.


Summer TOEFL courses

In order to improve the students' TOEFL scores, 10 days of Summer TOEFL courses through stratified teaching, under the guidance of the Chinese and foreign teachers, students have strengthened the English foundation. Their TOEFL vocabulary has been increased rapidly, the TOEFL knowledge, TOFEL listening, speaking, reading and writing level have been improved as well. Students are more familiar with the TOFEL test question types and problem-solving skills. 


Teachers use a variety of teaching instruments to create an active interactive classroom.Group activities to cultivate students' team spirit and cooperation ability.



While paying attention to study, NAIS did not neglect physical exercise. The last class of every afternoon is sports. Students play with basketball, football, badminton and other sports under the guidance of P.E. teacher.


Students feel


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